Er best ağ reyna ağ hreyfa sig, og anda vel ağ sér súrefninu?* Finna hvernig best er ağ gera líkamann, basískan, alkalískan. Şağ şarf ağ leita betur ağ einhverju um alkalí vörnina, og súrefnis vörnina, og hvernig viğ stuğlum ağ şví ağ şær virkl.

Hér er ég ağeins ağ kíkja á hvağ er hægt ağ gera, til ağ lækna krabbamein.


Niğurstağan ætti ağ vera nokkrar setningar, og tilvísanir.


„No disease, including cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment“

Dr. Otto Warburg, 1931 Nobel Prize winner for cancer discovery.


“No disease, can exist in an alkaline environment”


Hér kemur úr auglısingu. Og margt virğist gott í henni.

Auglısingin er hönnuğ til şess ağ şú „sjáir“ ağ hún segir satt.

Síğan verğur şú ağ meta málefniğ.

Mostly focusing on how to maximize your breathing and bettering your health by increasing the amount and purity of the oxygen in your body, this is especially helpful for people with cancer.

In the studies carried out in China and Japan, those who ate most rice were 55% more likely to develop the disease than those who ate the least. White rice is the dominant form of rice eaten in the world. Machines produce its polished look by hulling and milling, leaving a grain that is predominantly starch with very little nutrition at its best.

White rice, white sugar, white bread and white pasta are white because they are stripped of their mineral, vitamin and fiber content. These are actually poisonous foods for us because they actually cause magnesium deficiency. It is this magnesium deficiency that is driving up the incidence of diabetes to the pandemic level. Neither the researchers nor the medical media seem to think this fact is important enough to broadcast to the world.



Myndin auglısir klefann, og ætti şví ağ vera hagstæğ auglısandanum.

Şrısti klefi  til ağ láta sjúklinginn vera í súrefni undir şrıstingi, til ağ fylla líkamann af súrefni.


Er best ağ reyna ağ hreyfa sig, og anda  vel ağ sér súrefninu?*

Finna hvernig best er ağ gera líkamann, basískan,  alkalískan.

Şağ şarf ağ leita betur ağ einhverju um alkalí vörnina, og súrefnis vörnina, og hvernig viğ stuğlum ağ şví ağ şær virkl.


Grein um hinar ımsu meğferğir á krabbameini.

Viğ verğum ağ hafa şetta í huga, en muna hver kostar rannsóknina, og hvağa svar vill sá ağili fá?

Şetta kom upp fyrst í leitinni, í um şağ bil 155.000.000 niğurstöğum (0,73 sekúndur) , og sá sem er númer eitt í 155 miljóna leit, er şağ ef til vill Big Parma?

Şağ kostar ağ vera fyrstur í leitarvélinni,

leitağ var ağ, „alkaline body cancer.“

Getur einhver stırt 100 fyrstu atriğunum, sem koma upp í leitinni?**

Mér sınist şağ líklegt. Reyndar er hægt ağ stıra şessu öllu, og líka erhægt ağ kaupa leitarvélina og fyrirtækiğ.

In this post, we want to set the record straight on 10 cancer myths we regularly encounter. Driven by the evidence, not by rhetoric or anecdote, we describe what the reality of research actually shows to be true.



Leitağ ağ orğunum, “oxygen pressure cell cancer”

*Scholarly articles for oxygen pressure cell cancer

Why do cancers have high aerobic glycolysis? - ‎Gatenby - 3222 hafa vitnağ í şessa grein

Why is the partial oxygen pressure of human tissues a … - ‎Carreau - 371 hafa vitnağ í şessa grein

… of tissue oxygen distribution in breast cancers by … - ‎Vaupel - 950 hafa vitnağ í şessa grein



Myndaniğurstöğur fyrir oxygen pressure cell cancer

Fleiri myndir fyrir oxygen pressure cell cancerTilkynna myndefni

Why is the partial oxygen pressure of human tissues a crucial ... › ... › Literature › PubMed Central (PMC) - Şığa şessa síğu

  1. maí 2011 - The oxygenpartial pressure(pO2), which is a key component of the physiological ... In mammals, oxygen is transported by red blood cells circulating in a ..... B16 tumour cells are injected subcutaneously in mouse and pO2 ...

Oxygen and Cancer - How cellular oxygenation kills cancerous cells

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... Breed Cancer... Increasing Cellular Oxygen Can Kill Cancerous Cells ... and tumorsCancer andOxygen -- pO2 levels (partial pressure of oxygen) in a tumor ...

Targeting Cancer Cells with Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species ...

Şığa şessa síğu

  1. jan. 2014 - (2014) Targeting Cancer Cellswith Reactive Oxygenand Nitrogen Species Generated by Atmospheric-Pressure Air Plasma. PLoS ONE 9(1): ...

Oxygen Partial Pressure Is a Rate-Limiting Parameter for Cell ... - Plos - Şığa şessa síğu

  1. ágú. 2016 - The in situ oxygenpartial pressurein normal and tumor tissues is in the range of a few percent. Therefore, when studying cell growth in 3D ...

Effect of additive oxygen gas on cellular response of lung cancer cells ... › Scientific Reports › Articles - Şığa şessa síğu

  1. okt. 2014 - The atmospheric pressurehelium plasma jet driven by pulsed dc voltage was utilized to treat human lung cancer cellsin vitro. The properties of ...

Influence of oxygen partial pressure on the characteristics of human ... - Şığa şessa síğu

  1. feb. 2017 - Highlights. •. The influence of pO2 on human hepatocellular carcinoma cellfeatures is analyzed. •. Low oxygentension (8% O2) induces ...

Basal Cell Cancer: New Insights for the Healthcare Professional: ... - Şığa şessa síğu

2013 - ‎Medical

Our news editors obtained a quote from the research from Royal Cornwall Hospital, “This study employed a new higher pressureoxygen pressure injection ...

Tumor-dependent Kinetics of Partial Pressure of Oxygen Fluctuations ... - Şığa şessa síğu

The remaining twenty received cell injections of four to six million 9L glioma cells ... Temporal Variations in Blood Flow and Tumor Partial Pressure of Oxygen.

Boosting cancer-killing cells through oxygen starvation

Şığa şessa síğu

  1. sep. 2017 - Researchers show that growing cytotoxic T cellsunder low oxygen... Growing them under low oxygen pressure is relatively simple, but this ...


**Leitar orğ,  “alkaline body cancer.”

Don't believe the hype – 10 persistent cancer myths debunked ...

Şığa şessa síğu

Fara í Myth 3: 'Acidic' diets cause cancer - Myth 3: 'Acidic' diets cause cancer ... of any effect on how acid or alkaline your body is.

Myth 5: Cancer is a fungus ... · ‎Myth 7: …And Big Pharma ...

An alkaline diet and cancer - Canadian Cancer Society

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The body has a complex system that makes sure the blood stays in its healthy, slightly alkaline range. If the blood becomes too acidic or too alkaline, the body ...

Can An Alkaline Diet Successfully Treat Cancer? Signs Your Body Is ...

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  1. okt. 2016 - It never ceases to amaze me how often conventional doctors fail to address the correlation between food and cancerprevention and treatment.

Can a Low-Acid Diet Help Prevent Cancer? - Cure Today

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  1. ágú. 2015 - The theory of the low-acid, high-alkalinediet as a cancerpreventer or fighter ... throughout your body that might otherwise contribute to cancer, ...

Alkaline Diet - Can it Help Prevent or Treat Cancer? - Port Moody Health

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If you are dealing with cancer, chances are at some point you've come across the idea that ... Proponents of the alkaline diet will claim it “alters pH in the body”.

Alkaline Diet Plan Review: Does It Work? - WebMD

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Eating specific foods that make your body more alkaline, on the other hand, ... But it has not been shown that an alkaline diet can do this or help prevent cancer.

Can the Alkaline Diet Cure Cancer? - AlkaWay Australia

Şığa şessa síğu

Initially the Alkaline Diet exponents (us included) claimed that cancer cannot live in an alkaline body. This is false; some cancers actually thrive in an alkaline ...

Acid – Alkaline Balance and Cancer: The Truth Behind the Myth ...

Şığa şessa síğu

  1. apr. 2014 - As you can see, the myth of the need to make the bodymore alkalinedoes not have significant value in respect to cancer cell growth or ...

The alkaline diet couldn't save my brother from cancer - but I'm glad ...

Şığa şessa síğu

  1. jún. 2013 - The rationale for the alkalinediet is that cancercells thrive in a slightly acidic environment in laboratory conditions, so an alkaline body should ...

Why An Alkaline Approach Can Successfully Treat Cancer ...

Şığa şessa síğu

  1. ágú. 2013 - While lowering cancercell pH (increasing acidity) is effective against cancercell mitosis in the lab, increasing acid levels in the live body of a ...

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