The juice we’re about to present you is able to destroy the cancerous cells in a very short period of time. Skoša hvort žetta er raunveruleiki

The cancer will die in just 42 hours! This juice cured more than 50 thousand people

Žetta eru sömu upplżsingarnar, ķ bįšum, bera saman umsagnir

Uppskriftin ķ grömmum, er nešst ķ pistlinum.

Birt 24. mar. 2017

The cancer will die in just 42 hours! This juice cured more than 50 thousand people!! Today, we’re going to discuss about a special juice made of a vegetable that everyone loves.

This vegetable is called beet and it is full of numerous vitamins from the groups B2, B6, B1, C, folic acid, antioxidants, but also numerous minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, and sodium.

Experts and patients have already tried this juice and they all claim that if you’re using it properly, cancer is able to die in only 42 hours! How amazing, right? Beet is a vegetable that possesses numerous powerful anticancer effects. It has a particularly high content of betaine, an amino acid that has already been proven to kill the malignant cells in tumor tissues.

The juice we’re about to present you is able to destroy the cancerous cells in a very short period of time. Cancer is one of the most widespread diseases nowadays and it is incurable.

People who have tried this juice claim that it is full of various benefits and can prevent cancer but also numerous different incurable diseases.

Other vegetables this juice includes are all extremely beneficial for our overall health.

Take a look at the recipe! Ingredients:

• Beets (about 55%)

• Celery root (about 20%)

• Carrots (about 20%)

• Potatoes (about 3%)

• Radishes (about 2%)


Put all of the ingredients in a blender and mix! That’s it!

Make sure you always prepare fresh juice!

Drink it twice a day!


Make sure you do not exaggerate in drinking this juice!

Always consume it moderately! Listen to your body!

The juice will give tremendous effects to your whole body!


Cure Cancer In 42 Hours With This Drink

Birt 2. feb. 2017

The juice we’re going to present you here has beetroot as its main ingredient. This vegetable contains numerous vitamins such as B1, B2, B6, C, antioxidants, folic acid and minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, sodium and iron.

It was scientifically proven that cancer dies in only 42 hours with the help of this juice! Beet possesses properties that are very strong against cancer, because the amino acid called betaine was already confirmed by numerous studies that it can destroy cells in tumor tissue.

This juice destroys cancer cells in a short term. More than 50 thousand people with cancer and other diseases that are not curable have experienced the benefits of this special juice and have obtained the result they are looking for.

This juice is vegetable-based with the main ingredient such as beets. During the duration of this regiment, your health will improve, but cancer cells are starving and after the deadline given will see the results of this fabulous juice.

You’ll be quickly assured that this juice cures cancer!


-55% of beet

-20% of celery (root)

-20% of carrots

-3% of potatoes

-2% of radishes

PREPARATION: Just mix the ingredients.

Take the juice 2 times a day.


Drink as much as your body needs and do not exaggerate! This juice cures cancer and is also excellent in improving your overall health!


Endurreikna af einhverjum reiknislęršum,

Fara yfir breytinguna frį prósentum, %, ķ grömm

Beet      55%     .....................................,,,,    770 gr

Sellerż   20%     .....................................       280 gr

Gulrętur 20%   .....................................        280 gr

Lķtil kartafla 3% žvermįl 4 cm (višmiš)            42 gr

Mešal radķsa (įgiskun) 2%                               28 gr

1400 grömm,     1,4 kg kķló


klikka į mynd žį veršur myndin stęrri



Egilsstašir, 01.01.2018 Jónas Gunnlaugsson



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