Žessi skapari, er trślega ķ žrķvķšri veröld, ķ okkar tķmavķdd. Hvernig mundi skaparinn, ķ 10 vķddum, eša ķ efstu hęšum, į toppnum, śtskżra fyrir okkur heimsmyndina? Viš veršum aš auka okkar skilning til aš geta tileinkaš okkur kennsluna.


Is Our Universe A Computer Software?


Vihuma = virtual humans

Now, let us assume for a second that you are a vihum yourself, living in a completely virtual world, part of an elaborate program. Would you be aware of it? ...

... Only few of the vihums are able to make a difference, but because they are either oppressed by the society or misunderstood, they decide to retreat into the mountains. They create small communities there and live in harmony with the entire Creation -- just like the Buddhist monks and other spiritual communities.

The human programmers are very disappointed. All their efforts were in vain! Some of the vihums even created false cults and religions to benefit from the naivety of the others. They raised great fortunes preaching lies, and promoting them as facts. Instead of teaching the vihums how to achieve perfection and how to live in harmony, they confuse and scare them with a lot of nonsense and apocalyptic theories.
The programmers see all their efforts trashed!
Egilsstašir, 06.03.2018  Jónas Gunnlaugsson


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