How did Nikolas Cruz go from “full metal garb, helmet, face mask, bulletproof armor, shooting this rifle I’ve never seen before”ťť to not even being able to keep his trousers up?

“FULL METAL GARB”! The Real Shooter(s) Was A Professionally Outfitted Military Commando.


We’re supposed to believe that a depressed and medicated teenager –acting alone — shot up a high school in “FULL METAL GARB”? Since the teacher is obviously telling the truth, it’s even more obvious Nikolas Cruz was not the shooter.

How did Nikolas Cruz go from “full metal garb, helmet, face mask, bulletproof armor, shooting this rifle I’ve never seen before” to not even being able to keep his trousers up? (See the obviously staged photo below.)

State of the Nation

Here’s how the real shooter was described by a teacher, who actually saw him firing a weapon “that she had never seen before”: “FULL METAL GARB”.

This “commando” representation more closely reflects what the shooter really looked like, according to the teacher who saw him firing his weapon.

When did Nikolas even have the time to put on full body gear after his Uber ride to Stoneman Douglas High School?  Especially since the shooting started immediately after he exited the taxi, according to precise records that recorded the timing?!  Did he offload a hefty gear bag with full body armor and weapon from the car trunk?

In light of the fact that different students talked to Nikolas before, during and after the shooting, how did he manage to hide so much bulky and conspicuous body gear—at any point of this government-sponsored, false flag attack?

Why have the authorities not produced even a single piece of the commando outfit?  And where’s all the real-time video footage of the shooting from inside the school?  Were all the cameras conveniently disabled in advance of this glaring black operation?  We know the cameras surveilling the school exits doors were recently taken down—Why?  Security Camera on Freshmen Building Entrance Removed in Advance of Parkland False Flag (Video)


Truly, there’s something VERY wrong with this picture—and especially with the 2 pictures posted above!

When the continuing “David Hogg” psyop is objectively analyzed, the true purpose of this transparent false flag shooting becomes crystal clear. OPERATION HOGG WASH: Phase I of Deep State’s Psyop to Impose New Gun Control Measures in Florida

However, there is a much BIGGER agenda that must also be correctly understood: Soros-funded ‘National Gun Control Movement’ is all about starting an American civil war

The sheer depth and breadth of this psyop are becoming more apparent with each passing day.  This is not just another false flag mass shooting designed to “distract” and “divide” the body politic.  Yes, it was meant to do that, too; but the conspiracy runs much deeper.

That Florida’s Republican Governor Rick Scott already issued new gun control measures indicates that this covert gun-grabbing scheme is very much a Uniparty initiative.

BREAKING! Gov. Scott Goes for Gun Controls in Florida, Gunowners Feel Betrayed

In other words, if gun laws can be changed so quickly in a state dominated by a Republican legislature and governor, then there is a very serious Deep State plan being executed. (FL Senate: 23 REP – 15 DEM; House: 76 REP – 41 DEM)

“The Florida shooting was like a scene out of
Stanley Kubrick’s FULL METAL JACKET”  

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