Energy - Synergy

Energy - Synergy

Reykjavķk, 8. 10. 1986

Remember, Three Mile Island 1979, Davis Besse 1985, and now Chernobyl 1986.

Why not use the opportunity, the press at the summit.

In a foot print from National Geographic Society 1982, Crisis on Spaceship Earth, R. Buckminster Fuller wrote:

"There is no energy shortage.

There is no energy crisis.

There is crisis of ignorance.

My recent studies make it absolutely clear that by 1990,

using only the technology available already,

we can produce enough energy for everybody in the world,

while phasing out all fossil fuel and atomic energy."

R. Buckminster Fuller wrote some books as Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth.

He said that the tidewater in Fundy bay on the east coast of North America,

could produce enough energy for the world for hundred years or more.

He said that we could stop mining metals if we used the technology of the aviation industry,

do more with less, and reused the metals.

Was he right ?

Who should let the people know ?

Where is the reporter ?

Jonas Gunnlaugsson Egilsstadir Iceland


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